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Bata de Cola

We offer a large variety of bata de colas to fit the needs of flamenco dancers of any level. When you are ready to buy a flamenco bata de cola from us, we will customize it to your specific measurements and you can choose from any of our available fabrics and colours. Our designs range from the traditional bata de cola skirt to the more elaborate bata de cola dress.


Our basic bata de cola


Topskirt-2 ruffles front to 3 in back 

Underskirt- 2 ruffles front to 3 in back

Topskirt made of either poly/poplin or koshivo (solid colors)

Underskirt made from can-can- a durable nylon that insures the bata's shape (solid colors)

Fully lined, narrow roll hem

Length varies depending on height (standard 60 feet from waist to tip)




**Keep in mind that length will vary slightly depending on where waistline sits

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