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About Us

"To be Flamenco is to have another skin, other passions, other desires. It is a different way of seeing the world, with music in one's nerves, a fierce pride, happiness mingled with tears; it is a loathing of routine and sameness; it is to be intoxicated in song, wine and kisses; it is the translation of life into an art of caprices and of freedom." -Tomas Borras


This is what Cueto Flamenco Creations is all about--expressing your passion for the dance in your dress, showing the world through your costume how you see it--taking pride in what you wear to show your happiness as well as the deep emotions that flamenco embraces.


"Cueto Flamenco Creations was born out my passion for both flamenco dance and fashion in 2010. Sewing since the age of 12, the interest in designing flamenco costumes came out of a need to create unique, traditional but custom flamenco outfits that flattered various body types."  --AC Townley


Our costumes are designed and handmade at our studio in Los Angeles. We use the highest quality domestic and imported fabrics available. The goal is to create original custom flamenco stage attire to flatter and fit the personality of the dancer and to evoke the emotions of the dance........

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